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These products are designed with you on my mind. They will help you to boost positivity into your daily life while building your heart centred busines and make an impact! 

A productivity and time management planner that is not only about getting things done on your to-do list. Packed full of tips and exercises to get you thinking about how they can benefit you and your work goals.
I found learning about my productivity type insightful and I rushed out to get a new kitchen timer.
What I loved most is Norita’s balanced approach to work and life and the need to recharge, not only daily, but hourly to ensure peak mental and emotional energy to do the work we love.

Elke Blight

Wellness Coach, Abundant Wholeness

Overcoming Crisis book is ‘A touching and heartfelt illustration of the strength and resilience of the Human Soul’

‘Norita has captured the essence of evolution through crises. She has reminded the reader there is no map on how to navigate trauma, it’s the empowerment and courage generated within that is the guidance. I believe the worksheets will be an amazing tool , a helping guide for those finding themselves in a crisis situation.

Bridgit Cray

Holistic Counsellor & Energy Practitioner, Bridgit Gloria

Norita’s 17 Steps workbook to a spectacular year is amazing and took me to another level. The activities were so practical and meaningful for my personal and business goals. I didn’t feel overwhelmed to write down my goals as the activities provided are done in a simple, gentle way to coax the words and ideas out of you. I love the variety of options provided suggesting if one way doesn’t work then to try this instead. The language being used is casual and fun and made the activities less daunting as it felt like I was being helped by a friend. It gave me the confidence to believe in myself and to focus on my thoughts and opinions only, don’t be held back by others. Really love the constant reminders of self love and reflection. 


Founder, House of Wings

Norita’s 5 Heart Business Marketing Steps is amazing!!! As a small business owner, I’ve always struggled to have marketing plans and strategies that are clearly defined with actionable steps. With this amazing guidance, I have clarity of my business overall and how to better market my products to my audience. I would highly recommend this to anyone who finds themselves feeling overwhelmed and uncertain on business marketing from the heart.

Elizabeth Lang

Founder, Diversity Focus