Magnetise Your Instagram Brand and Contents in a Weekend


  • This Step-by-Step Planner Covers (26 PAGES):
    Step 1: Sync Up Your IG Presence With Your Main Brand
    Social media can be loads of fun but if you’re using any of the platforms as part of your business marketing, consistent messaging across all platforms is vitally important.

    • Exercise: Plan your branding board here, then create your board in Canva.
    • Exercise: Using your new branding board and the checklist below, look at all your social profiles plus your website and make all the profiles consistent.
  • Step 2: Dream Big When You Set Your Instagram Goals!
    A common problem among adults these days is their inability to dream big. A limited growth mindset seems to be prevalent, where we feel like we can only go so far in life, like we’ll hit a ceiling and can’t go any further.

    • Exercise: Find Instagram inspiration by searching for influencers you want to follow. Take notice of their message, their consistency, and their number of followers.
    • Exercise: Plan your Instagram strategy by answering these questions.
  • Step 3: Peep on the Competition to Spark New Ideas
    Your business doesn’t survive in a vacuum; you’ve got competition in your market and you need to constantly improve your products, services, courses, etc. so your followers stay with YOU and don’t deflect to another coach offering similar products.

    • Exercise: Check out what the competition is doing and take notes.
  • Step 4: Plan For IGTV and Reel Videos That Dazzle
    IGTV stands for Instagram TV and you can compare this feature to YouTube while Reel seemingly was inspired from TikTok. Anyone with an IG account can post a pre-recorded video to IGTV; and/or Reels posts and then promote it to get more views and reach.

    • Exercise: Create an editorial calendar for your IGTV and/or Reel videos. Decide how many video posts you can reasonably create each month.
  • Step 5: Get on Board With Instagram Carousel Posts
    In order to engage with Instagram users you need to catch their attention. So, your posts need to be eye-catching and your videos needs to be passionate.

    • Exercise: Plan our your first carousel post. Rinse and repeat for others throughout the month.
  • Step 6: Get Personal With Instagram Stories
    In addition to posting your business photos in Insta, you also have the option of posting to your Insta Story. While it may seem like a duplication of efforts, both publishing options have their own benefits.

    • Exercise: Create a plan or strategy for using Instagram Stories.
  • Step 7: Connect Authentically With Your Tribe Using Instagram Live
    It’s no surprise that after Facebook purchased Instagram, some of the most popular features of each platform showed up on the sister site. Facebook integrated Stories while Insta started offering Live video streaming.

    • Exercise: Create a plan or strategy for using Instagram Live.
  • Step 8: Craft Captions That Thrill for Insta Microblog Posts
    Did you realize that Instagram allows you to use up to 2200 characters per caption? That’s quite a bit of social media real estate that you should always use to your advantage. In addition to your photo or video, you have the opportunity to create a microblog with each posts to reinforce your message even more.

    • Exercise: Plan microblogging posts for the month.
  • Step 9: Hone Your One-Month Plan to Master Instagram
    I know you already know what I’m about to say, but it bears repeating: Growing a substantial Instagram following takes time! Don’t expect to take off like wildfire with your numbers exploding after you post your first photo or Story.

    • Exercise: Map out each of your posts, stories, lives, IGTV, microblogging, and carousels in one place so you can create themes or cross promote via each of the formats.
    • Exercise: Create your master editorial calendar for all the Instagram formats you plan to use. Update the calendar each month.


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