Taking Action Despite of Your Fear

Taking Action Despite of Your Fear

It is normal to feel the emotion of fear. And at times, fear brings us benefits which keep us aware of the risks, alerting us to look deeper and also it can help us to improve our focus. However, we need to manage these fears as too many fears could cripple us and crash goals. Not to fret too much, as every single successful people experience fear and being humans, it is valid to have this emotion. The main thing is to not let fear take over your dreams in achieving success.

Multi Shades of Fear

This human emotion isn’t all black and white. Fear can take many forms, from mild anxiety to downright debilitating overthinking. Under certain circumstances, it can protect you from danger and stop impulsive behaviours. But, because it’s closely tied into your gut instinct, it can also help you improve your decision making.

But not all types of fear are good for you. In fact, this emotion often does more harm than good. It can keep you from reaching your full potential, fuel procrastination, and cause stress. 

Let’s say you want to quit your 9-to-5 job and start a media agency or work as a freelance social media manager. You might be afraid that you’ll lose time and money if things don’t work out as you planned. What if you won’t have enough clients? Or what if you get sick and can’t work anymore? 

The risks are real, so it’s normal to experience fear. However, you’ll never know what you’re missing if you don’t try. Who knows? You might have a huge success and build a loyal customer base. Five years from now on, you could have enough money to buy the home of your dreams. Do you want to live your life wondering What if? 

How to Overcome Your Fear

No matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to get rid of fear completely. Instead, you should make it your best friend. 

You can try these strategies so you can overcome your fear:

  • Picture yourself reaching your goal, whatever it is.
  • Imagine the worst-case scenario then write them all down.
  • For each scenario come up with a backup plan. Ask yourself: what are the facts? Am I making assumptions? What’s the best thing that can happen? Who can I call for help?
  • Then you might see that for each worst-case scenario you can do something about it if they even happen.

Use your fear as a source of guidance. Assess your inner fears and seek possible solutions. Using our example above, you could start a blog or social media side hustle in addition to your regular job. This way, if your business fails, you’ll still have an income. If it keeps growing, turn it into a full-time job. With this approach, you’ll get to do what you want and lessen the risks. 

To me what helps me to overcome my fears is to look for inspiration from others who have walked the journey which I wanted to be on. By investigating their roadmap to success, gives me some sort of directions. 

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Year-End Review: A Look Back in 2019

Year-End Review: A Look Back in 2019

“Quit telling us to forget the past and never look back. We learned from the past, gained wisdom from the past that we apply every day in the process of living. If we forget the past, we’ll forget who we are since that’s where we came from.”

― RJ Intindola

A new year (and a new decade!) is right in front of us. Most of us would like to get right down to the execution part of reaching goals because well, we like to get there and get there fast. As for me before I plan and execute my new goals I would like to look back on the year that has just gone by. 

You might be confused since everyone is preaching about forgetting the past year and just look forward. One goal-setting tool that has worked well for me over the years is doing a year-end review. Looking on where I am right now, what I did well, where I didn’t do well, what I need to improve on is crucial for me since it validates that I am actually setting the right goals for the new year.

A quote by Brian Tracy says “It doesn’t matter where you came from. All that matters is where you are going.” There is power in not letting our past situations define our future but there is also value in recognizing where we’re from and where we are heading. Knowing where I am at currently and knowing what has worked and has not worked for me gives me a better view of planning my next goals.

Join me as I look back on my most treasured moments of 2019:

  • Being invited to be part of the Australian delegates at the Women Economic Forum in India, alongside 2000+ other inspirational women. Presented my four speeches at the international event and won the award Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All.
  • Updated Resilience to Thrive digital course and created a marketing campaign.
  • Presented at Women Economic Forum, Perth WA.
  • Hired a full-time VA.
  • Received funding from my supporters to cover my travelling expenses to USA.
  • Flew to Michigan, USA to film my interview for the Broken Vessels film. 
  • Securing more Diamond Sponsors and sponsors locally, eastern states and overseas. 
  • Organised two live events; PLEW2019 and Australian Premier of Broken Vessels.
  • Interviewed on WTV Perth.
  • Interviewed on live Foxtel TV show ‘The Couch’ twice in September and November
  • Launched my online shop with Positive Vibes merchandise
  • Launched The Vault with over 10+ free resources for my subscribers 
  • Completed client’s marketing projects.
  • Honouring myself by saying NO to people, events and things which aren’t serving my utmost wellbeing. Surrounding myself with positive energy only and committing to daily self-care.
  • And committing to monthly therapy and spiritual mentoring.

And from the deep of my heart, I would like to express my love and gratitude for the key beautiful souls who were behind my achievements in 2019!

To my therapist and spiritual mentor, Bridgit Cray – Thank you for all the love, guidance and wisdom you have taught and shared with me.

To my event team – Thank you for sharing my passion and shining your light alongside with me which I truly value your commitment.

To my amazing man Shaun – Every one of my achievements in 2019 was possible because of you. Thank you for being my pillar, supporting and believing in me.

And last but not least, Thank you to my new VA who came onboard during my busy schedule and embracing every task I gave her with such good spirit!

2020 will be another spectacular year for me as I have set a few ‘scary’ but exciting big goals for myself and business. If your goal is to grow to the next level, then please email me at hello@noritaomar.com as I am seeking for a tribe of likeminded people to join me in my next adventures. However, these opportunities are only for individuals who are serious in personal development and growing their business as you will be required to put in the hard work in both areas!

Look forward to hearing from you and here’s to our success in 2020!

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Why I Changed to Personal Brand?

Why I Changed to Personal Brand?

The BIG news is out! If you didn’t hear the news, from Strive and Thrive I have rebranded to my personal name, Norita Omar. You can check out my last two posts about bidding farewell to Strive and Thrive and my new beginnings.

In Hello to New Beginnings, I included the main reason why I rebranded to my personal name. However, there are more reasons to it and here is why I did it which I believe the reasons why some businesses did too.

Like I mentioned in my last blog, after the loss of my friend to suicide; Strive and Thrive was started with no business plans or directions. It was fuelled more of the love from my heart truly wanting to inspire and empower others to strive through challenges to thrive into a positive and resilient life. I didn’t dream big enough. I was only thinking of our local community in Perth, Western Australia. Never did I thought, my story could actually impact way further than Perth, WA. 

With the power of social media and the internet, my story crossed the oceans to as far as the US. I started receiving queries and requests from people who wanted me to coach them. That was when I received the first guidance that I need to put my personal brand out there but at that time, I didn’t have the courage to do so. 

My humble beginnings led me to win local and international awards, speaking at international events, interviewed on various TV shows, magazines, podcasts, radio shows and so on. After 2.5 years of starting Strive and Thrive, I started receiving opportunities to bring my work to overseas and that was a scary journey which I will tell more in my future blogs. However, that experience taught me to build my self-confidence in bringing my authentic self out there in the business world. 

My work was Strive and Thrive but the energy which created all my blessings were from my true self. When you are confident in showing up as the real you, everything else will be a breeze. Wherever I go, I hear people saying something like “Of all businesses I know, your brand is the most congruent” or “You are exactly like who you are on your website, social media and in-person events”. I wondered, how and who else could I be but not me? But these people asked me how I did it and that was when I realised, I was already being my personal brand and it has influenced all my creations.

But not until my recent blessings, of me travelling to Michigan, US to be in a featured film called Broken Vessels that I decided, I will need to change to personal brand. Why? Because now my work has expanded to overseas and I can no longer use the brand Strive and Thrive because it already created some similarities to some other businesses/platforms in the US.

So here are the 3 main reasons why rebranding is necessary.

  • Your business expands – Perhaps just like me, you started your business without knowing the impact you will make. As time went by, you find that other people are requesting for you to make an appearance, give an interview, etc. and they want to see the person behind your brand.
  • Your product or services changed – As your business grows you will find that the services or products that you started with are not aligned with you anymore. It’s good practice to make a review every quarter or year to determine which of your products or services are still aligned with you. 
  • You need a brand which speaks more of who you are and what you do. – People who want to buy products or services from your brand will want to get to know the person behind it – you. Share your own story and you will attract the right people.

Why you should consider a personal brand?

  • To create your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that will separate you from the rest of the market because no one can be as unique as you. – It is true that people buy from people. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there just because other people are already doing what you want to do. Nobody has your story, experience and expertise. You are unique and let it shine through your business and you will surely attract people who want to buy from you/work with you.
  • To create more inner peace as you don’t have to create a ‘business or working persona’. – You don’t have to hide under a brand and create a brand voice. You can simply just be yourself!
  • To enhance your position in the best light. – You position yourself as the authority in your industry when you use your personal brand and not hide behind your business name. People can see you and will actually get to know you.

So there you go, the reasons why I changed to Personal Brand. What about you? Is your brand aligned to your business purpose? One of the ways to know this is to dive into WHO you are serving to? In The Vault, I have a free resource on how to create your Client Profile, so check it out now by signing up below!

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Hello, new beginnings! I’m Norita Omar and I empower heart-centred coaches and solopreneurs on how to build a heart business with resilience and make an impact in this world.

My Previous Beginnings in 2016

I would never have thought that my personal tragedies will lead me finding my purpose in January 2016 when we started Strive and Thrive which is a social platform to inspire and empower the community to strive through challenges and thrive into a positive and resilient life. It all started after losing my friend to suicide at the end of 2015 and realising there is nothing I could do to bring her back. But perhaps I could do something for those who are still around battling similar struggles. Sometimes I wonder why should I care for those people so much since I myself was still in stages of trying to rebuild my life after multiple adversities. That was My Why…because I knew what it was like feeling hopeless after being challenged with tragedy after tragedy.

These tragedies have shaped me to be the person that I am now. In the past, I enjoyed the fast-paced lifestyle which kept me busy so that I didn’t have a moment to feel my true emotions. Since a child, I experienced traumas but it was not until Friday 13th, 2006, when I fell off the stage and hit my head on the ground did my world changed indefinitely. I was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury from that fall.

The struggle of recovery led me to depression and anxiety which nearly made me lose hope and almost attempted suicide. Somehow, I found the courage to strive through all the challenges and found supportive tools and therapies to overcome my challenges and conditions.

Shortly after my recovery, I was once challenged again when Christchurch, New Zealand where I was living then was hit with an earthquake. I got injured trying to escape from my apartment and within weeks, I decided to move to Australia with few pieces of clothing.

Due to overcoming my traumas, I have gained a new me. I have graduated from University, something which I never thought I could do (being someone with a brain injury). I have found a new meaning in love and happiness with my partner. Then in 2015, I gathered all the courage and left my flamboyant VIP International Gaming career in the casino industry to start my event business.

Start of Strive and Thrive

Strive and Thrive was built with no business plans or directions but all it had at that time was HEART. Heart to make a positive difference in this world we’re living. I am blessed that I have a Bachelor in Business Management plus my 15 years of extensive experience in event management, marketing, communication working for big brands like Hilton, Disney, Christchurch Casino and Crown Resorts has given me the strategies on how to build the brand.

I started winning awards and doing interviews within months after starting Strive and Thrive. I remember at that time not knowing or thinking I didn’t know what I was doing. But one clarity I had was, I just wanted to share my story as I was told that my story had given people strength and hope. 

While navigating my way through this new entrepreneurial journey, other small business owners started coming to me asking me for help in their business. I spent many hours mentoring these business owners at no cost because they claimed to be broke. But after many months, I found out they are paying thousands of dollars to other programs. I was hurt but I thanked The Universe because that hurt got me asking myself what my self-worth was? That was how in early 2017, I started having the courage to mentoring for a fee to selective heart-centred businesses who like me are wanting to make an impact in this world.

My New Beginnings in 2020

So it has been four years since Strive and Thrive was born and I have been so blessed with all the adventures, learning and growth, it has given me. I thoroughly enjoyed my time especially during the period of running Positive Life Expo and Workshops, a community event at no cost for the public to attend. This is where I get to be with my tribe of heart-centred businesses, guiding and promoting their services and products which contributes to the healing of this world. These businesses ranged from life coaches, health and wellness coaches, health practitioners and creative makers. I have been told by most of them that I am like a ‘bridge’ between them and the community who needs what they are offering. It was a one-day event which took many months of prep work organising the event itself and also working with businesses to get them ready for it.

Besides business coaching, I empowered them with the tools to build their resilience into their business. I believe that an entrepreneur can all have all the business tools but if they haven’t done their own inner work, they will still struggle in building their business because honestly, it is not easy to build a business. And to some, it is also not easy to put yourself out there with your business and this is due to blockages like fears and self-doubts. When that happens, no amount of business tools or marketing knowledge can propel them to their business growth. To be successful, we need to take action and when you have those personal blockages, they will hinder you to take actions!

Now after three years, watching how these businesses grow and how I was part of it, has led me to my new calling. It took me three years to finally believe that I am actually very good at what I do. And how amazingly awesome it is that I could do this work from the comfort of my own home office as most of my work is online-based. Apart from the convenience, I love the fact that with my digital products, I could be watching TV and then ping came an email “You Got a Sale!” These digital products took me only one time to create them but they continue selling even when I wasn’t working…so I love how I wasn’t trading time for money like how I used to. 

Some of you knew about my health challenges which I got since my brain injury and the earthquake. When I was building the business trading hours for money, I had to work really long hours and I burnt out at the end of every year. I had chronic pains in my shoulder mostly every week and migraines will keep me in bed at least 2-5 days each month. Since I moved my work to more online-based, I now have more time to incorporate my self-care and brain rehab practice into my daily time management. Hence why all these led to me bidding farewell to Strive and Thrive previous business model and rebrand into Norita Omar, my personal brand where I will be mostly online based.

I’ve had this guidance since a year ago but I didn’t have the courage to say goodbye to Strive and Thrive as that business was started from something which was very personal to me. I feel that the community needs that platform and I have been juggling growing that platform with my business clients. But it is time now for me to be in my truth and to shine with my truth. The truth is, through Strive and Thrive I was merely sharing my personal stories and strategies which have helped my own healing journey. It is powerful as it has inspired many people in seeking their own healing path and strategies which works for them. However, the practitioners whom I worked with in my business mentoring has more expertise, knowledge and qualifications to help these clients especially those struggling with traumas and mental health issues. Therefore me working with them, in fact, is making me part of that healing chain as well and collectively we are making a bigger impact in this world. I have always preached about doing what you love and what makes you happy…so this is me walking my talk!

Please know this hasn’t been an easy decision for me and though it is sad to say goodbye to Strive and Thrive the good news is, I am still taking the main heart of Strive and Thrive’s key message which is RESILIENCE with me in this new platform. I strongly believe resilience is the superpower which has helped me overcome all my challenges and also it is what gives me the drive in my business to keep going despite some hardships that come with building a business. I strongly believe that this new beginning will create a bigger impact in this world as I collectively join forces with other heart centred coaches and entrepreneurs!

Here’s a look back on what went down for me last 2019. I am filled with joy that I have achieved my goals like being invited to be part of the Australian delegates at the Women Economic Forum in India, winning the award Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All, flew to Michigan USA to filmed my interview for the Broken Vessels which is a US featured film on brain injury survivors. And committing myself to monthly therapy, spiritual mentoring and so much more.

I have broken down my strategies on how to make your own goals into reality via my 17 Steps to Create Your Most Spectacular Year planner which you can access below from The Vault.

Here’s to new beginnings this 2020!




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