The beginning of the year has been hard for all of us. Plans were thrown out of the window and 2020 planners weren’t used as things get more uncertain each day. You might think that what’s the point of planning for next year when things are still uncertain like this year. However, do not let this demotivate you to not start planning at all, for next year. We need to stop using the pandemic as an excuse and instead to use this as an opportunity to fill ourselves with aspirations to use it as guidance for a better tomorrow. As long as we are still breathing, we need to still hope that we will get through whatever challenges this world brings us so best start planning for next year instead of scrambling for the last minute.

So let’s get on to work and here’s how you can dream big for your life and business this new year!

We plod wearily towards the “right” goals for the business. But what if you were to let your preconceptions go for a day and spend your time exploring what it is you really want out of life?

To create an ultimate goal—your dream lifestyle—you need to identify and choose the best “big dream” for you.

Let’s try the “What if…” game.

Imagine you have no limits to what you can:

  • Spend
  • Do
  • Achieve
  • Attempt

Imagine you have perfect health.

Now imagine you are the perfect age.

What perfect age ARE you? 

Put serious thought into this. What age were you the happiest? What age would you like to be forever? What age bracket would you like to redo, with what you know now?

Most of us would like to be a younger age but perhaps retaining wisdom we’ve earned over a lifetime. But then again, some people immediately visualise themselves at ten years old, winning horse show classes on their dream pony and wishing they could stay in that moment. Others want to retreat to the wonderful world of being a preschooler, when everything was safe and happy and simple. Others want to go back and experience the wild youth they never had because they married too young and had a family straight away. Others missed out on having children, and would love to be twenty-five and expecting a first child.

If you let your emotions answer, after first dreaming you have no limits and you are in perfect health, you may surprise yourself with the answer.

Obviously, no one can go back and be six years old, for example. The reality would be abdicating control of our lives to someone else and having very little power. But if you stay with that vision of your perfect age bracket and explore it further, you can identify what it is about that age that symbolises perfect happiness to you.

For example, a few years ago I felt that the seriousness of building my new business has made me lose my spark. I was no longer the fun and bubbly person anymore. So I had to go back to the times when everything was fun, when I was fun. In the process of reconnecting to the times and things which brings me joy, two things happened;

  1. I stopped listening to others and my former business mentor on how I should be or do instead I listened more to what my heart is saying to me. example; the way I dress and how I speak on stage etc.
  2. I started doodling again and posted the doodles on my social media.

This two things resulted in me creating a strong personal brand as wherever I go, I have people telling me how congruent my brand is on social media, website and even me in person. I inspired my audience to have the courage to wear bright colours and also to get creative in whichever medium that suits them. And with my clients, I taught them to be brave in showing who they truly are to the world. When we find courage to do this, we find more clarity with the rest of the creation process within the business.

So take out your journal now and take your time to answer the following reflective questions:

  1. What does your dream lifestyle look like? Describe it.
  2. What steps do you have to take to make it happen?
    • How much do you need to make a year? 
    • How much do you need to make per month?
    • Can you do it alone?
    • Name three things you need to drop from your life?
    • Name the most important thing you need to add to your life

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