It’s Possible to Reach Your Dreams + Life Update

It’s Possible to Reach Your Dreams + Life Update

First off, I’m sorry that you haven’t heard from me these past few weeks. It has been incredibly crazy over here as we moved our home and office to a new location which I have been manifesting for years! The preparation for the move, packing and unpacking plus getting rid of gears and furniture which we won’t need at the new place has maxed out my time. Oh did I also mentioned all these happened while I was still doing client coaching sessions and working on clients projects?! Yes I am a SuperWoman LOL!

Hence why I haven’t been able to show up for my community but don’t worry, I am now back on deck!

The move was very emotional for me as it reminded me of all the memories that were made in our previous house.

This was where we first started our business.

This was where all the grinding, tears and anxiety of a start up business.

All the memories we made here with almost no space for it but we held workshops, meditations, networking and coaching sessions here.

This house was very special to me as this was where I first connected to my divine purpose of ‘My Why’.

Our new space which I called our ‘heaven on earth’ has been a place which I have manifested for years. I have always dreamed to live in one of this luxury apartments on Adelaide Terrace. Looking back at these pics and now moving to my dream apartment has been a feeling of a reward received for all the hard work and for not giving up on my dreams.

Our new home gives us access to an executive boardroom, cinema room, function room and endless amazing facilities. To think that we had to squeeze in our tiny old home and now to be able to use these rooms, fills me with excitement to see what I will be able to create in this new space.

Few of my clients have visited me at this new space and especially those who had known me since I started my business, are feeling inspired by this new milstone of mine. I am so happy that my growth has inspired them to keep working on their goals and purpose in life.

Everything starts with a purpose which finds and fuels our passion.

When you know your purpose, anything is possible for you.

Any dream is achievable.

It might not be an overnight success but as long as you believe in yourself and never give up, whatever your dream life or business looks like, it is all possible.

If I, a brain injury survivor with chronic pains can do it, achieve my dreams and purpose of helping others build their own dream life, so can you.

Never ever let anything stops you from achieving the life and business you have been dreaming of. Believe in yourself, YOU CAN DO IT! YOU ARE LIMITLESS!

I am here for you!

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