30 Day Self-Challenge Planner



The Step-by-Step Planner Covers (22 PAGES):

  • Step 1: Be Smart From the Start and Set Yourself Up For Success
    Your challenge will be much easier complete successfully if you plan ahead, so follow these steps to ensure you have the time and tools necessary to get the most out of your challenge.

    • Exercise: Jot down notes about what you need or want to accomplish in a challenge. Choose either a business-related challenge or a personal challenge.
    • Exercise: Take notes about any equipment you need to purchase before you start a challenge. Decide if you’ll use time blocking and how you’ll integrate that practice.
  • Step 2: Consider Stretching Out of Your Comfort Zone
    The best (and most profitable) growth takes place outside your comfort zone, so don’t be afraid to stretch yourself a bit.]

    • Exercise: Explore challenge ideas that make you sweat when you think about stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • Step 3: Stay in Your Comfort Zone and Skyrocket
    While it’s great to step out of your comfort zone, it makes no sense to force yourself to do something you actively hate for 30 days. Use what you know about yourself and how you prefer to work to determine the best challenges for you.

    • Exercise: What are your favorite business tasks? How can you improve these skills in 30 days?
  • Step 4: Track + Multiply Your Results
    Where will you get the biggest bang for your buck? If you’re going to do anything for 30 days straight, make sure you’ll massively benefit from it–and that you can quantify those benefits.

    • Exercise: Use this simple spreadsheet to track your challenge results.
  • Step 5: Uplevel Your Business by Optimizing You
    Consider bettering your life, too, with a workout, clean eating, or self-care challenge.

    • Exercise: What changes do you need to make to live a healthier lifestyle?
  • Step 6: Enlist Help From An Accountability Planner
    Afraid you won’t stick to the rules? Get a coach or friend to hold you accountable so you can enjoy the benefits of finishing your challenge.

    • Exercise: Choose an accountability partner and tell them about your challenge.
    • Exercise: Decide what you need from an accountability partner and who is best suited to give that type of support.
    • Exercise: Brainstorm some rewards for completing the challenge. Also think of some consequences (with your accountability partner) if you do NOT finish the challenge.
  • Step 7: Challenge Your Tribe To Join You
    Everything’s more fun when you’re with your friends, so go ahead and challenge your community to join along either for free or as a paid program.

    • Exercise: Do you want to invite your audience to join you in this challenge? How will YOUR challenge be useful to THEM?


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