6 Ways to Build A Heart-Centered Business

6 Ways to Build A Heart-Centered Business

So you wanna be a soulpreneur? With a heart business to make an impact in this world and get paid for it! Whohoooo!

Deciding to go into this journey of entrepreneurship is no easy feat but with these six ways, I hope it can help you build your dream heart-centred business!

Set your intention

Reflect on this question: Why do I want to be a heart-centred entrepreneur? Let’s admit it, everyone can be an entrepreneur but not a heart-centred entrepreneur. Being a heart-centred entrepreneur comes with its own challenges and not having your foundation (intention) can make your journey a bit harder. Take some time to reflect on this question.

Be prepared to make a difference

Are you a purpose-driven business or a sales-driven business? What is the difference you want to make? What is the impact you want to create with the people you serve? Creating a difference with the people you want to serve goes way beyond your business and that’s one of the most important aspects of a heart-centred business.

Connect with your community

Connect with your community whether by educating them, responding to comments or going on a Facebook live within your group. Make sure you know what their struggles, pains, desires and goals are. You can find out about this by engaging with them regularly.

Serve instead of sell

Always keep in mind to serve your audience first and to sell, second. Making profits is nice but being a heart-centred entrepreneur means that you put serving your community first. Ask yourself: “If this does not make me money, would I still be willing to do this?”

Check in your heart

Every now and then reflect and ask yourself if you are coming from a place of humility. You can only serve as a heart-centred entrepreneur if you are humble and do not project arrogance.

Be a blessing to your community

Especially during this time of global pandemic, take the time to spread some love and positive messages to empower your community. You can do this by showing up live on your social media or you can organise an online meet up to strengthened your community and be a blessing to them.

In my free guide, “5 Heart Business Marketing Steps” I will guide you on how to market your business with empathy which will prevent you from sounding salesy while increasing your chances for success! Get access here!

How to Create a Unique Brand

How to Create a Unique Brand

Creating a unique brand is the best strategy to have a competitive advantage against your competitors. Here are the main tips which have helped me effortlessly spread my business message, grow my brand and attract the right audience and clients.

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My Top 3 Tips on How to Grow a Brand

My Top 3 Tips on How to Grow a Brand

Apart from knowing your target audience and other strategies which are involved in creating a branding strategy, here are my top 3 tips which will make you grow your brand wide and fast.

And if you need more resources to help you build a dynamic brand, then grab the key to The Vault where I stored heaps of free ebooks, worksheets, guides, checklist etc including my newest ‘Using Content to Create a Dynamic Personal Brand – Free Worksheet’! 👇👇👇

3 Truths Soulpreneurs Need to Get Through Crisis

3 Truths Soulpreneurs Need to Get Through Crisis

If you are struggling to stay optimistic about the future of your business while going through a crisis, then these three truths will give you an instant reminder of the strengths which you already had in you to get you through the crisis.

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Five Crucial Steps Solopreneurs Need to Reset to Thrive Post COVID-19

Five Crucial Steps Solopreneurs Need to Reset to Thrive Post COVID-19

The world is slowly getting back to the new normal. It is the new normal because we are getting back to normal but it is not entirely the “normal” that we are used to. People are slowly getting back to their jobs and some businesses are opening their shops. I’m not sure where you’re from but here in Western Australia, the restrictions are slowly being lifted. There are of course still rules in place but I’m so happy for my friends and business colleagues who are back in action. 

Before the crisis, we have done things as we have already done them before. When the crisis hit, businesses kind of went into a shock system. Suddenly they have to think of ways to pivot during this time. This, in turn, made business owners feel deflated and less motivated on how to make these changes in their business and in their personal lives and this thought hanging over their heads, “When will this crisis really be over? What’s going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month?” We are stuck in waiting. Now that the government announced that businesses can now start operating again. This is great news but it did not leave businesses some room to plan.

For those who know me, you know I don’t like using words that have a negative impact or are fear-based. But there is no way around this—we are in a crisis. These things I shared in my Facebook Live will help you navigate the new normal especially if you are a business owner or if you are planning to start a business right now. These five crucial steps will really help you get back into action, feeling empowered! Watch the full video below:

The world is slowly transitioning to the “new normal”.

Is your business ready for it?

This 5 days challenge will prepare you for that. Designed specifically to help you gain fresh clarity and motivation, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve when you simply take a step back and reflect. It will also guide you through simple reflections that will help you determine what matters to you in business, what your mission is, what sort of brand you’re building, and the kind of work culture you’re creating.

Why Planning Business Goals Is The Secret To Success

Why Planning Business Goals Is The Secret To Success

Do you take the time regularly to set and plan for your business goals? If you haven’t done so in the past, then I highly encourage you to do so now especially when we are still at the beginning of this very special year 2020. There is a lot being said about this special year 2020 but nothing special will happen unless you start planning for some success to happen. So start setting some time aside, ask yourself what do you really want to do in your business? What do you want to see happen in your business, what kind of growth or success you want to achieve? How do you want to feel about your business at the end of this year? 

I remember setting my goals and planning strategy for 2019 as I stepped up in believing I can achieve more. Honestly, when I started the planning process, it looked incredibly unreal and did freaked me out a bit and also I doubted myself if I could really pull everything off. Despite the doubts, I just continue working on the steps which moved me closer to my goals. At the end of 2019, I sat down to reflect on my year and oh boy! I just couldn’t believe how much I have achieved. And the process of setting goals and planning the roadmap has been crucial to my own success. 

So let’s start looking at why this process of business goal planning is the secret to success. It includes a variety of different factors which first is efficiency. When you know what you want and where you want to go, you will then create a roadmap on how to get there. With the clarity on how to get to the destination, you can focus on each step and level of importance or priorities in that journey. Without that clarity and roadmap, you will instead spend endless time figuring out what you need to be working on next, what or which pieces of the puzzle could be missing. By planning your business goals, you will know exactly what to do or what comes next. 

If you don’t believe me, just try it. Decide on a big goal for this quarter of the year. Write the goal down where you can see it in front of you. Research to find the steps required for you to take. Even faster, if you seek a mentor who is a dozen steps ahead of you who has achieved this goal as she/he will then be able to work with you in creating a strategy and daily to-do lists for you to work on what needs to be done each day for you to achieve your goals. Then you need to get to work and start noticing what happens next. You start to think of things which didn’t occur to you before. You come up with creative ways, reach out to your tribe, run a fun promo that creates excitement and you will reach more new traffic which equals more clients whom you can make a difference to. 

Now let’s talk about the subconscious. So far we’ve been focused on what we are actively doing to make progress by making a plan, setting goals, creating a roadmap and following through each step required. There is another dimension to all this and that is what is going on in our subconscious mind. While we are busy ploughing through our to-do list, cooking dinner for the family, and even sleeping, our subconscious mind is working towards those goals as well.

Also, I truly believe when you committed yourself with courage, The Universe then will meet you halfway and reward you with abundance like resources or help you need to make your goals come true.

In short, planning and setting goals is important because it helps you grow faster. That means you end up with more success for yourself and spending more time with your loved ones rather than spending long crazy hours slaving away at your desk with stress and frustration. But most of all is, this process will get you out of your comfort zone and helps build your confidence and believe that you can do and achieve more in your business and your personal life! And while doing this, you will be surprised how many people you will be inspired as they watch you step up in being the best you can be.

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