17 Steps to Create Your Most Spectacular Year Ever Workbook

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This Step-by-Step Workbook Covers:

  • Step 1: Determine Your Goal-Setting Persona
  • Step 2: Go with the Flow
  • Step 3: Dream the Big Dream
  • Step 4: Get Present in the Moment
  • Step 5: Making a Vision Journal
  • Step 6: Getting Others to Achieve Goals for you
  • Step 7: Know Where You Want to Be
  • Step 8: Join a Group
  • Step 9: Find your Maximum Workflow Formula
  • Step 10: Find Your Story Question
  • Step 11: Brainstorm your Big Business Life
  • Step 12: Make Sure Your Goals Belong to You
  • Step 13: Write your Own Obituary
  • Step 14: Do More of What Worked
  • Step 15: Build Your Confidence with Tangible Rewards
  • Step 16: Train Yourself to Keep Deadlines
  • Step 17: Dig Deeper and Challenge Everything

1 review for 17 Steps to Create Your Most Spectacular Year Ever Workbook

  1. Adora-Jane Bonadeo

    Norita’s 17 Steps workbook to a spectacular year is amazing and took me to another level. The activities were so practical and meaningful for my personal and business goals. I didn’t feel overwhelmed to write down my goals as the activities provided are done in a simple, gentle way to coax the words and ideas out of you. I love the variety of options provided suggesting if one way doesn’t work then to try this instead. The language being used is casual and fun and made the activities less daunting as it felt like I was being helped by a friend. It gave me the confidence to believe in myself and to focus on my thoughts and opinions only, don’t be held back by others. Really love the constant reminders of self love and reflection.

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