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Heart Business Mentoring

Strive and Thrive, an inspirational brand which I started unintentionally in 2016 caught the attention of many eyes when it became successfully recognized in less than a year with many doors of opportunities opening up for me. A number of business owners nationwide seek for my mentorship and that was how I started mentoring other businesses at no cost. After a couple of hurtful experiences and a lesson of self worth, then only I started to offer this mentoring sessions as a paid service in 2017. 

There are various strategies to start up and grow a brand. But I’m only passionate on sharing strategies which are more aligned for heart businesses as that was how I grew Strive and Thrive in less than a year into a brand which receives opportunities globally. As a business mentor, my motto is to empower my clients so they have a stronger grip in managing their business and marketing strategies confidently without feeling overwhelmed, confused and burn out. But most importantly is, to empower my clients to shine their innermost light to the world authentically.

When you join my mentoring posse, you don’t just get a mentor, you also get a community of likeminded lightworkers/changemakers and vendors whom I trust. I have built a community of well-wishers, mentees and clients who get together to learn, share insights, discuss challenges, and brainstorm ideas. This helps my clients to receive a constant flow of help, support and morale boost (let’s face it, we all need that from time to time) from me and the community, so you never feel alone.

I’ve been told that my enthusiasm and zesty energy is contagious and clients love that I inject fun in my sessions. Albeit business is serious, I have the knack for taking the stress out of the work and giving you the confidence and tools to feel so empowered that you enjoy what you are doing (even those things you don’t usually enjoy!).

In brainstorming session, I am a very creative strategic thinker who is able to come up with unique ideas to set you apart from your competitors. I have been told that I have a way of pulling out the gems out of my clients hence transforming my clients into a peacock.

As I have tested a number of platforms, this enable me also to help you to streamline tasks and systems to avoid the burden of wearing so many different hats, giving you clarity, focus and simplified directions for growth.

Below are the criterions of the selective clients I work with:

  • Businesses that makes a positive difference to the world
  • Solopreneur who is in full alignment of what they preached
  • Want to run a profitable business with a heart-based approach
  • Focus in serving others by providing value
  • Open to change with a keen willingness to learn
  • Someone who wants to present their authentic self
  • Ready NOW to take action

To see if you and I are a good fit, feel free to contact me for a chat.

Let them do the talking

In 2017, I was looking for someone to assist me in marketing my Counselling and Energy Healing business. I had taken on a few other Web designers and Social Media experts over the previous 6 years, but they hadn’t understood my niche business and we lacked a shared understanding which, didn’t help my business growth.

Then I met Norita. A quirky, vibrant and very astute, heart centred woman who ‘called a spade a spade’. I instantly trusted her. She spent most of the first sessions really getting to know me, and my business which is very unique. I felt like we were a team.

Norita is an expert in her field. She is so creative and visionary. I absolutely love my new website and the Social Media content she creates. My business is flying since Norita has helped me. I have so much gratitude and appreciation for you and your dedication to helping me grow my business.

Thank you so much Nori.

Bridgit Cray

Holistic Counsellor & Energy Practitioner, Bridgit Gloria

Norita’s guidance in helping me to set up my Instagram was fantastic, and here’s why: She didn’t simply tell me what to do, she told me why I should do what she was telling me to do. That made is so much easier to remember and it enabled me to focus on my “why” as well. I wasn’t just posting for the sake of posting. She is so thorough! Norita was kind, allowed me to ask questions without feeling stupid, and was helpful in her followup. I highly recommend her! Not only is she fantastic at what she does, she’s a kind teacher and I appreciate her guidance.

Lora Cheadle

Author & Life Choreographer, Lora Cheadle

Norita has not only helped me realise what I’m capable of but what it’s also possible. She’s helped me break down my self-imposed limitations and thrive into a new life where I’m finally starting to achieve the goals that I thought were improbable for someone like me. Without her guidance and mentorship, I honestly think I would have given up striving for what I wanted, I would have given up on my dream of helping others for a living. She’s helped me believe in myself as well as take action for which I can’t thank and recommend her enough.

Lachlan Samuel

Pocaster, Open Up

What can I say but Wow. I have had the pleasure of knowing Nori for over a year and I have found her to be one of the most honest giving caring soul I know. Nori has such a big heart. Nori is raw and real. Nori had gone above and beyond helping me with my website with much love from her team also. I love my new website. I am grateful for all that you have done and for inviting me to be a part of the Positive Life Expo. Nori you are a shining light. Thank you.

Lina Scott

Bodytalk Practitioner, Bodytalk Connects

Norita is the real deal. She is a person that works with heart and integrity and I am so grateful to have Norita in my life.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on business coaches and was feeling disillusioned as my business didn’t seem to be going to the next level. Through serendipity, Norita came into my life at the right time. Norita has a wealth of experience and with patience, kindness and compassion she showed me the steps to take my business to the next level. She didn’t use a ‘one size fit all formula’, Norita was able to hone into what I really needed as a person and business owner and get rid of the superfluous actions. Instead of feeling overwhelmed I felt inspired and motivated to take action, and felt my creativity flow with fresh new ideas.

Sonia Barrett

Intuitive Graphic Designer

I was lucky enough to join Norita’s group mentoring workshops recently, and the information and presentations have been mind blowing.  Subconsciously we know a lot of the stuff we should be doing in our businesses, but it’s not until we’re told in a methodical, practical, fun way, that it really sinks in about what we need to do.  It’s also great to have lots of examples of how things have worked for her or others that she’s working with; it’s not just repeating information from a text book.  Norita is not scared of sharing the stuff that has helped her be successful.

 Although there’s loads of information, it’s segmented in a way to make it easy to review and work through at home.  I think the big difference with Norita compared to others is that it all comes from the heart.  You can really tell that although she is running a business, she also cares about the people she is working with, and is as keen for them to succeed in the same way she has.  I would highly recommend booking into any of Norita’s workshops, you won’t be sorry.

 The main thing for me now is to use this information and make the necessary changes I can see will help me be successful too.  Thanks again Norita!

Anne Hetherington

Personal Concierge, Fait Accompli Services

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