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How to Discover Your Purpose and Lead from The Heart

This workbook will guide you to find your purpose and lead from the heart so you can find joy in your business and life while making an impact!

This Step-by-Step Workbook covers (21 pages):

  • Your Personal Passion Project: How to Dream without Limits
    • Exercise: If I could spend my time any way I liked
  • Keeping a Journal: It’s Not a Diary. Doing this specific method of journaling helps you to discover your true passion over time
    • Exercise: My Daily Questions: Brainstorming Activity
  • Creating a Journaling Space that Inspires Creativity and Frees your Mind to Dream
    • Exercise: What’s your ideal Journaling Space?
  • What Others Think: Your Passions May be Obvious to Everyone Else but You so Ask
    • Exercise: Discover Your Superpower, Discover Your Passion
  • Looking Back. Discover your Passion from the Future
    • Exercise: Your Autobiography
  • Get Out of Your Office: Your Passion is out there waiting to be discovered
    • Exercise: Plan New Experiences
  • Chase Shiny Objects: The Possibilities Truly are Endless
    • Exercise: List of Future Projects to do Someday
  • Evaluation: Time to Put it All Together So You Can Love Your Business and Your Life
  • Lead from The Heart
    • Exercise: Connecting to your heart to be in alignment to pursue your purpose with courage.

Clients Energy of Love

One of my greatest blessings was crossing paths with Nori. Her heart of gold has brought so much light not only into my life but also to others around her. She has a unique, heart-warming and gentle way of pulling people out of what seemed to be eternal darkness and helping them discover the light at the end of every tunnel. It is not just her life experience that makes her the best mentor, but it is her genuine compassion and generous heart that truly touches deep down to your core. I’ve could not have picked a better mentor/role model in my life. 

Sheryl Tang

Event Planner

Norita has this wonderful ability to bring out the gems in a person! She can so easily communicate and appeal to a person by inspiring and challenging them to realise their full potential! Thanks so much, Norita, you have done exactly that for me and so excited that my new website is in development!

Angela Freychet

Hypnotherapist | Yogi | Wellness Coach, Angela Freychet

Norita has not only helped me realise what I’m capable of but what it’s also possible. She’s helped me break down my self-imposed limitations and thrive into a new life where I’m finally starting to achieve the goals that I thought were improbable for someone like me. Without her guidance and mentorship, I honestly think I would have given up striving for what I wanted, I would have given up on my dream of helping others for a living. She’s helped me believe in myself as well as take action for which I can’t thank and recommend her enough.

Lachlan Samuel


About Norita

Resilience Int. Speaker and Heart Business Strategist.

A brain injury and earthquake survivor turned multi award winner, known from her previous social platform, Strive and Thrive which she started in 2016 after the loss of her friend to suicide.

She has been featured in community newspapers, business and health magazines and interviewed in various TV media. She successfully grow her brand in less than 12 months where she continuously expanding her work onto more bigger projects in her pursuit to make a positive difference in this world we’re living. She was also interviewed in a US feature film called Broken Vessels which filming took place in Detroit, Michigan USA.

Norita is very passionate to empower heart-centred coaches and soulpreneurs on how to build an online heart business with resilience to make a bigger impact in this world.