The BIG news is out! If you didn’t hear the news, from Strive and Thrive I have rebranded to my personal name, Norita Omar. You can check out my last two posts about bidding farewell to Strive and Thrive and my new beginnings.

In Hello to New Beginnings, I included the main reason why I rebranded to my personal name. However, there are more reasons to it and here is why I did it which I believe the reasons why some businesses did too.

Like I mentioned in my last blog, after the loss of my friend to suicide; Strive and Thrive was started with no business plans or directions. It was fuelled more of the love from my heart truly wanting to inspire and empower others to strive through challenges to thrive into a positive and resilient life. I didn’t dream big enough. I was only thinking of our local community in Perth, Western Australia. Never did I thought, my story could actually impact way further than Perth, WA. 

With the power of social media and the internet, my story crossed the oceans to as far as the US. I started receiving queries and requests from people who wanted me to coach them. That was when I received the first guidance that I need to put my personal brand out there but at that time, I didn’t have the courage to do so. 

My humble beginnings led me to win local and international awards, speaking at international events, interviewed on various TV shows, magazines, podcasts, radio shows and so on. After 2.5 years of starting Strive and Thrive, I started receiving opportunities to bring my work to overseas and that was a scary journey which I will tell more in my future blogs. However, that experience taught me to build my self-confidence in bringing my authentic self out there in the business world. 

My work was Strive and Thrive but the energy which created all my blessings were from my true self. When you are confident in showing up as the real you, everything else will be a breeze. Wherever I go, I hear people saying something like “Of all businesses I know, your brand is the most congruent” or “You are exactly like who you are on your website, social media and in-person events”. I wondered, how and who else could I be but not me? But these people asked me how I did it and that was when I realised, I was already being my personal brand and it has influenced all my creations.

But not until my recent blessings, of me travelling to Michigan, US to be in a featured film called Broken Vessels that I decided, I will need to change to personal brand. Why? Because now my work has expanded to overseas and I can no longer use the brand Strive and Thrive because it already created some similarities to some other businesses/platforms in the US.

So here are the 3 main reasons why rebranding is necessary.

  • Your business expands – Perhaps just like me, you started your business without knowing the impact you will make. As time went by, you find that other people are requesting for you to make an appearance, give an interview, etc. and they want to see the person behind your brand.
  • Your product or services changed – As your business grows you will find that the services or products that you started with are not aligned with you anymore. It’s good practice to make a review every quarter or year to determine which of your products or services are still aligned with you. 
  • You need a brand which speaks more of who you are and what you do. – People who want to buy products or services from your brand will want to get to know the person behind it – you. Share your own story and you will attract the right people.

Why you should consider a personal brand?

  • To create your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that will separate you from the rest of the market because no one can be as unique as you. – It is true that people buy from people. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there just because other people are already doing what you want to do. Nobody has your story, experience and expertise. You are unique and let it shine through your business and you will surely attract people who want to buy from you/work with you.
  • To create more inner peace as you don’t have to create a ‘business or working persona’. – You don’t have to hide under a brand and create a brand voice. You can simply just be yourself!
  • To enhance your position in the best light. – You position yourself as the authority in your industry when you use your personal brand and not hide behind your business name. People can see you and will actually get to know you.

So there you go, the reasons why I changed to Personal Brand. What about you? Is your brand aligned to your business purpose? One of the ways to know this is to dive into WHO you are serving to? In The Vault, I have a free resource on how to create your Client Profile, so check it out now by signing up below!




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