Info Products Digital Retreat

How to Create and Market Infoproducts Super Fast in 7 Days

hosted by Norita Omar

A 7-day digital retreat to help you pivot to digital solutions to bring in new moolah fast, create a success and abundance mindset while making beautiful and creative connections with other online creators.

Why do you want to sell infoproducts?

It’s because these easy-to-create products can help you:

  • Earn new income without spending 1:1 time with clients 
  • Increase awareness of your brand and expertise 
  • Build loyal relationships with your customers by helping them get faster results 
  • Create more sales down the road 
  • …and even free you up to spend more time on non-business activities  

But there’s a problem…

Most small business owners and entrepreneurs are already maxed out on the time they have. They know that infoproducts can do wonders for their profits and their freedom, but they don’t see how they can fit it into their schedule.

And now due to the current global crisis, you wish you had created these info products earlier as you now wonder when and how the next moolah will come in since you are restricted to run your usual in person business. Luckily…

That’s why I am hosting this Info Products Digital Retreat

Over the course of 7 days, I am going to walk you through how to create new revenue streams in your business that align with what you are actually compelled to create. The agenda is designed to make this simple, easy, joyful, and fast (and can be done inside your home!)

There is no one-size-fits-all solution here, so I’m going to show you multiple ways to grow your business during this time of scarcity in the world.

Learning Objectives

By the time you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify where infoproducts fit into your business model to help you better serve your market as you grow your business
  • Define your ideal target market for an information product to create, so that you can be certain your product is tightly focused on your audience’s needs
  • Identify a common problem or challenge your audience experiences that you know you can help them solve
  • Identify the specific knowledge and experience you have related to the problem you identified, so that you know you can provide real solutions to real problems
  • Illustrate your solution, system, or product in logical steps that others can easily follow and implement to get results
  • Use content, checklists, and cheat sheets you already have in place or can quickly create to develop the content for your product and to provide additional value
  • Set pricing that ensures you make a profit 
  • Select your product delivery and support systems
  • Launch your product with a small group as a beta test, so that you know it will be successful before investing time and money in a larger launch 
  • Evaluate feedback and results to determine what, if anything, needs to be revised or added to your product 
  • Create an action plan and schedule for full launch and/or develop an advanced version of a product. 
  • Identify where you will build a catalogue of problem-solving products and/or courses you can sell to build additional income streams

The 7 Days Agenda


28th April

Setting Intention and Mindset

Module 1

Day 1: 29th April

Define Your Market and Buyer

Module 2

Day 2: 30th April

Map Your Assets to Your Buyers Needs

Module 3 

Day 3: 1st May

Create Your MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Module 4

Day 4: 2nd May

Pricing, Delivery, Set Up and Beta Testing

Module 5

Day 5: 3rd May

Feedback and Revision

Module 6

Day 6: 4th May

Prepare for Launch


Day 7: 5th May

Choose Your Elixir

Here’s What Included

√ 6 Video Trainings to walk you through each steps to create your new income stream
√ 6 Action Guides to guide you through each steps to create your new income stream
√ 6 Cheatsheets to help you with action steps of each tasks
√ Free Facebook Community for daily connection, love, support and daily live Q&A
√ Additional Videos from healing experts and practitioners on calming the mind and connecting the heart and mind for intentional creation.
√ Lifetime Access to the online trainings

Fast Action Bonus

Sign Up by 26th April and receive bonuses value over $800+

  1. Full Course workbooks
  2. Launch System Report
  3. Launch Checklist
  4. Action Plan Calendar
  5. Social Media Planner
  6. Social Media Canva Launch Templates
  7. Worksheets Canva Templates
  8. How to build your first 100 email subscribers with an intentional freebie

Fast Action Bonus








Hosted by

Norita Omar

Resilience Mentor, International Speaker and Heart Business Strategist
A brain injury and earthquake survivor turned multi award winner, Norita is passionate to empower heart-centred coaches and solopreneurs on how to build an online heart business with resilience to make an impact in this world.
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